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What are lessons with Tutorling like?

If you're wondering what a lesson with Tutorling is like, keep reading!


This is an example of a mid level lesson for learners who have learnt how to express ideas. In this lesson you read the beginning of a story about the most horrible woman! You will then discuss how to build a story and how to create a really evil villain.

  1. First your teacher will discuss the different types of stories. Did you know that some people think there are only seven basic plots in the whole world!

2. Next you will talk through the background of the story. Where is it set? What is that place like?

3. Next you will map out the story, to see how it can be broken down into it's elements. You will then plan the end of the story together with your teacher - what will happen in your story?

4. Finally you will discuss what makes a character a villain and you will design your own villain!

Homework: Sample task - design a wanted poster for your villain OR write the end of the story.

Would you like to read the story about the most horrible woman and design your own villain? See you in class!

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