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Life in the UK: A Staycation in Brighton

This summer I had been planning to go on holiday to Portugal. However with travel restrictions tightening, I opted for a staycation instead. So, I've just arrived back home after spending five days in Brighton - one of the most popular coastal cities in the UK. With its arcades along the pier, huge open stretches of pebble beaches and famous "lanes" full of vintage clothes, you can see why!

Keep reading to see my highlights from the trip:

1. The Worlds Biggest Fish Finger Sandwich (probably)

After a long day of walking, we went to a local pub that our Air BnB had recommended to us. There they served all kinds of cuban rolls, but we went for the British classic - a fish finger sandwich. Although this one is much posher than most! If you haven't tried it then it's a must if you ever visit the UK - or why not try making them at home? Here's the link to one of my favourite recipes.

2. The South Downs

The South Downs is a range of chalk hills spanning 100 miles. Apparently it would take you 9 days to walk the whole length (we only walked for 2 hours so didn't even come close!)

We visited two different sites: Devil's Dyke and Ditchling Beacon. Legend says that Devil's Dyke is where the Devil and his wife are buried, which is why there are two long raised bumps in the ground. But if you prefer beautiful views to spooky stories, you can see all the way across Brighton and to the sea from the top of the Beacon, so well worth a visit!

3. The Pier

Down at the pier you can have your fortune told, play in the arcades and buy a donut all whilst walking above the sea, on a wooden structure built back in the Victorian times. Although a 19th Century invention, there are still 56 piers in the UK and Brighton's is amongst the best.

We won enough tickets from the arcade games to exchange for a pack of cards (I won't tell you how many £ we lost in the arcade games though. 🙈 )

4. The Lanes

Brighton is famous for it's shopping streets known as "The Lanes". This area of Brighton was once an old fishing town but is now packed with vintage stores like "Snoopers Paradise" and "To be Worn Again", where you can find all kinds of clothes, books and trinkets. Due to social distancing, all the shops were operating a queuing system which made shopping easy and safe. I managed to drag my friends around a few stores and bought some purple dungarees from Lucy&Yak!

Once you're done shopping, you can also find great tea rooms and traditional British pubs.

5. Bao Buns at The Pond

On our last day in Brighton we went to a microbrewery, called The Pond, well known for it's bao buns!

Although a far cry from the traditional fish finger sandwiches we ate earlier in the week, the bao were delicious - I would definitely recommend booking a table if you visit Brighton!

Brighton is also a very popular student city, with many students from the UK

and overseas choosing to study here for University. Would you ever like to visit or study in Brighton? Let me know if you visit any of the places I have recommended!

See you in class 👋

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