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Life in the UK: On Your Bike

Have you ever seen an old fashioned English bicycle? Selfridges department store on Oxford Street has a window display at the moment showing the oldest style of bike there is. Does it look how you would expect? This type of bike dates back from the 1870s so you wouldn't expect to see one of these on the streets of London today! It almost looks like a unicycle with the extra large front wheel and high seat. This style of bike was nicknamed a "penny-farthing" after old English

Life in the UK: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!

My mum came to visit me in London and we went to one of my favourite restaurants called ‘Bancone’ (this is actually the Italian word for bar or counter!) They make amazing fresh pasta and you can even watch them making it while you eat your meal! I forgot to take pictures before we started eating 🙈🙈 but hopefully you can see how tasty it was. Each shape of pasta has a different name like "mafalde", "tagliolini" or "handkerchiefs". If you are ever in London you should visit

What are lessons with Tutorling like?

If you're wondering what a lesson with Tutorling is like, keep reading! This is an example of a mid level lesson for learners who have learnt how to express ideas. In this lesson you read the beginning of a story about the most horrible woman! You will then discuss how to build a story and how to create a really evil villain. First your teacher will discuss the different types of stories. Did you know that some people think there are only seven basic plots in the whole world

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